Aldersmead Case Study

Beckenham refurbishment

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Refurbishment: Kelly McShane

Architects: Y A R D A R C H I T E C T S

This project included ground floor and first floor refurbishment as well as a full width glass rear extention.

View the gallery below and please read the client testimonial.

Hi Martin

Your build is standing the test of time – further proof (as if this was needed) of the quality of your work.

We are delighted with the house and of course would be delighted to welcome any prospective clients that you would like to show around now or in the future. The fact that you didn’t cut corners and still delivered a top quality build while going through what is likely the most stressful period of your life speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Your future clients will be lucky to have you!


Refurbishment: AFTER

Refurbishment: BEFORE